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Long Walk to Valhalla pg 12

Our wetblackghost website isn’t letting me upload the new page. So for right now it’s here. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon. Click to enlarge:


Wet Black Ghost Logo

something is the mother of something. can’t remember what, though.

Private Commission-Werewolf!

I was commissioned to make a werewolf illustration about a month or so ago. It took forever for me to finish due to wrapping up my comic, making edits, and working with printers. Luckily the client was good enough to wait patiently.

It’s hard to do a werewolf drawing and bring anything new to the table. The genre has been done to death. So I immediately thought I’d mix things up by making it a girl. I also like that werewolves are the only scary monsters that are guilt-ridden by their actions. So I ended up with this. Sad werewolf girl.


edits edits EDITS


After some feedback I tweaked the cover. Going to printers today.